1. Visual identity

The personality of your brand cannot be condensed into a single element. Your visual identity is an unrepeatable combination of shapes, colors and symbols.

• Main logo, variations and symbol
• Corporate typographies
• Color palette
• Pattern
• Identity Manual

Luxury Branding

Do not ask me for a logo. Ask me for branding with capital letters. Ask me for a brand experience to match your product.


2. Naming

There is a name within each brand, each product and each collection. The perfect naming is there, you just have to look at the right place.

• Brand Names
• Product names
• Sub brands
• Collections

3. Stationery

When talking about luxury branding, we cannot be satisfied with making a good first impression. We must be remembered, loved and envied.

• Cards
• Stationery
• Envelopes
• Certificates of authenticity
• Bags

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4. Packaging

What if your customers’ experience did not end with the product? What if your packaging had a rhythm and there was a bit of you in every square centimeter?

• Boxes and cases
• Labels
• Special Formats
• Textile and paper finishes

5. Web design

They say everything can be measured on the internet. Everything except for style. In your own online universe you will set the rules.

• Corporate websites
• Ecommerce
• Online catalogs
• Social profiles
• Newsletter Design

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